Candida Albicans - The silent epidemic

What is it ?

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A  candida problem is basically a fungal overgrowth, that grows generally in the digestive system. It most commonly inhabits the Bowel area, where it feeds and grows on certain food matter which has not been properly  digested previously in the system.

Candida is very, very common in today's society, where it can flourish on an over abundance of processed sugars, yeasts, alcohols etc. However, it may have started  due problems other than a poor, over  - refined diet.

An example  of some of the other major contributors may be seen here below.

  •  Use of the PILL.
  •  Anti-biotic, or other Immune suppressive drugs such as Cortisone's or steroids etc.
  •  Weak immune system possibly due to viral  infections etc.        
  • Over stress, either physical or emotional.
  •  Poor diet.
  • Intolerances and Hyper-Sensitivities

If  you come under one or more of the above categories than you may have a  high chance of suffering the symptoms of  CANDIDA .  The  above list however, is not exhaustive and other situations may have promoted a problem. These can be looked into by us in great detail.

Check this video out on a quick overview of candida.



Contrary to popular belief, even though you may not suffer thrush, a candida problem may be evident. The signs of Candida are many and varied, and it is this apparent variation in the symptoms, that seem to have no relation to each other, that can often  show signs of a candida problem. The tell-tell signs to look out for are usually a combination of the following... 

  • Bellyaches, Tummy-aches, Constipation, Diarrhoea, 
  • Abdominal bloating, Reflux, Gas & Wind
  • Anxiety, Depression, Irritable,  Mood Swings, 
  • Tiredness,  Lethargy,  Run-down, 
  • Thrush & Fungal infections such as Tinea   etc.  
  • Lack of concentration,  Vagueness,  Spots before eyes,  Ringing in ears, 
  • Sugar/Bread, Alcohol & Junk Food Cravings,
  • Headaches & Muscle Pain

Some of these above symptoms may also be aggravated through allergic reactions to certain foods.

Once the diet has been  maintained  properly for the set period of time the recovery  is quite outstanding , with a full recovery usually not far away.


Scroll down to our candida self assessment test at the end of this page and find out today how YOU SCORE 

The first step to finding out which products could possibly be affecting you would be an allergy/intolerance test. The use of  a  BIO-DERMAL SCREENING ALLERGY TEST which is a fully computerised established testing system produced by Biomeridian used by both medical practitioners and naturopaths throughout the world. Testing for different Foods, Chemicals, Pollens, Moulds, etc.  an overall picture can be seen of what to avoid, in order, that a healthier outlook  can be maintained.

* Although we do not use drugs in our treatment protocols, do not stop any drugs that will have an impact on your symptoms management without discussing the effects with your doctor.

More information can be found at and be sure to check out the sections on allergy testing and the promotional video clip


The purpose of this assessment is to try and evaluate the likely hood of a candida overgrowth situation. However as with all bowel pain and associated conditions it is advised if symptoms persist to consult your Medical Doctor first to rule out any other areas of consideration, conditions or diseases. If this has already been done and the result show negative from your doctor then you may want to consider this assessment as a guide to possibly improving your recovery.




1 Have you ever taken more than 2-3 courses of antibiotics within a 12 month period in your lifetime    
2 Are you currently using or ever used birth control pills / injections / sub dermal capsules such as depovera    
3 Have you ever used steroid, cortisone or similar medication for more than 2-4 weeks within a 12 month period    
4 Are you either a Type I or Type II diabetic (including dietary only diabetics)    
5 Do you feel tired & weak most of the time including after meals and especially aggravated on damp days    
6 Do you suffer from abdominal bloating, intestinal gas, burping, indigestion or heartburn    
7 Do you suffer from mood swings, irritability, depression, anger, un-reasonability or hyperactivity incl ADHD    
8 Do you crave sugar, bread, beer, wine, alcohol, yeast spreads, apples, peanuts, grapes, sweets, candies etc    
9 Do you suffer from diarrhea, constipation or have been told that you have a condition called IBS    
10 Do you suffer from migraines, headaches (dull or acute), poor memory / concentration, foggy vague head    
11 Do you suffer from thrush, jock itch, menstrual problem (especially ovulation to period) PMT/PMS    
12 Do you have or suspect that you suffer any food intolerances or allergy symptoms    
13 Do you suffer from any dizzy-ness, light headed-ness, or recurrent ear problems    
14 Have you experienced fluid retention, difficult weight loss or unexpected weight gain without any change to diet    
15 Do you suffer from numbness, twitching in the eye tingling, aching or swelling of the muscles and joints     
16 Do you have any skin problems such as tinea (athletes foot), fungal skin infections, psoriasis    

Write your score of Yes's under the Yes Column here ->





If you Score under 3 the chances may be minimal 

If you score between 4-5 then the chances may be moderate

If you score between 6 and 8 then the chances you could have a candida overgrowth problem become much higher and consideration should really be given to partaking in a program. 

If you score between 9 and 16 then the chances of a candida overgrowth are weighted heavily towards a problem and a program would most likely benefit you.

If you score moderate to high, we would suggest that you book in for an assessment and an allergy test in oder that we can professionally identify, treat and help eliminate this condition through proven and tested protocols with practitioners that understand you. Click onto our link clinic location to find a clinic near you and take control of your health TODAY.