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American Botanical Council Publishes Pycnogenol® Monograph

The American Botanical Council (ABC) has published a detailed monograph on the clinical and scientific studies of Pycnogenol®, a major ingredient of our signature product Isotonix OPC-3®.

The ABC monograph on Pycnogenol represents one of the most comprehensive and detailed monographs ever published on a dietary ingredient.  

The peer-reviewed Pycnogenol monograph focuses on 17 human clinical studies of the ingredient and evaluates a wide variety of its applications, including anti-inflammatory, circulatory and joint health properties.  

It also includes an overview of the production and chemistry of Pycnogenol, as well as its product uses and dosage information, pharmacological and mechanical summaries, and safety data.

Market America is the worldwide exclusive supplier of ISOTONIC CAPABLE Pycnogenol - Isotonix OPC-3

To download the Pycnogenol monograph in its entirety, simply click here

Pycnogenol is a natural compound found in Maritime Pine Bark, It it part of a special group of super anti oxidants which are also found in red grapes, grape seeds and other natural berries and foods a varying levels.
In our practice we have been using these compounds in a highly absorbable, highly concentrated format known as an Isotonic soloution with the trade name OPC-3 to ensure the highest concentration level of supplementation to be delivered into the body in the shortest amount of time.

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