OPC Pycnogenol and the Treatment of Allergy

Both allergies and arthritis are very common. In fact many health experts believe that they affect almost every household in OECD Countries. Commonly known antihistamines, pharmaceutical preparations that inhibit inflammations and allergic reactions and suppress their symptoms, are amongst the most prescribed medicines in the world.

People who use pharmaceutical antihistamine preparations are probably familiar with their side effects, such as fatigue and lethargy.

However, people who have taken OPC products, often report getting the same benefits as using traditional antihistamine, but feel delightfully energetic at the same time. This is because of the high content of free radical scavenging OPCs found in these products.

When allergic reactions occur in the body, there is a release of inflammatory chemicals, namely histamine. Histamine triggers allergic symptoms such as stomach ulcers, hay fever joint dysfunction and even skin disorders. Incredibly, OPC significantly reduces the formation of histamine naturally!