The Sensitivity / Intolerance assessment device used for testing is now the latest unit from Biomeridian...

The This is the most advanced biodermal screening device available today and is a direct advancement from the well know LISTEN (life information system TEN)  system.

Dr Reinhold Voll, the father of modern-day EAV (Elecroacupuncture According to Voll), published several works between 1975 and 1980 concerning electroacupuncture and EAV medical devices. Using Dr Voll’s findings along with an EDS system Dr Frederick M. K. Lam, Jr., MD and Dr Julia J. Tsuei, MD, Professor, International Health, School of Public Health, University of Hawaii, published 11 case studies using the following method:

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BioMeridian ® is the worlds leading producer and manufacturer of Meridian Stress Assessment Systems (MSAS® ) or EAV class II medical devices. Each MSAS® is manufactured to ISO 9001:2000 standards, the computer boards are manufactured to ISO 9002 standards and utilise programable chips. BioMeridian’s devices are listed with the FDA with the 510(k) number K993824. BioMeridian ® systems that include the "IMAG" for frequency signal output are manufactured to be FCC Compliant. For FDA verification please visit